Picton Castle Departs


10th August 2005 After spending a week and two days of Pitcairn it was time to depart. But not before shedding a few tears of sadness by many on board. 

The Picton Castle, is a 170 feet barque on a world cruise stopping by as many 20 or more countries along the way. Leaving from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada in late May the ship arrive at Pitcairn last week (Monday). 

The weather however was not too kind to the 50 or so visitors as they arrived in rough seas and rain. During most of the visit it rained but there was a couple of days when the visitors managed to wander around seeing places such as Down Rope and St Pauls Pool and Christians Cave.

The ships crew was divided into two teams, with one team at a time enjoying home stay on the Island. Both teams each managed to perform two much enjoyed concerts for the Islanders. At the end of each concert the Islanders sang songs including "Ship of Fame", "In the Sweet, Bye and Bye" and the "Good-bye Song".

Crew of the Picton Castle with the Islanders standing in front of the boat shed at the Landing

The Picton Castle is skippered by Captain Daniel (Danny) Moorland who is an old friend of the Islanders. He first visited the Island many years ago on the brigantine Romance, skippered by Arthur Kimbley. This is his fourth trip to Pitcairn on the Picton Castle. 

Captain Danny Moorland

Today, the Picton Castle departed in the best weather we've had for weeks....calm seas and a bright sunshine.

Looking below from the top of the foremast. Note the calm seas of Pitcairn.

Fair winds everybody aboard the Picton Castle and we look forward to your visit in two years time. 

Click here to see video of Picton Castle departing Pitcairn.


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