Big Seas in Bounty Bay


11th September 2005 No its not Hurricane Katrina, but its big surf in Bounty Bay. And it was big!

About mid evening last night folks were informed that big seas at the Landing had washed a three ton crane engine which had been sitting on the jetty, into the bay just a few meters away. Within minutes almost everyone had rushed to the scene and were greeted with massive waves crashing into Bounty Bay. 

Fishing canoe outboard motors were quickly removed from boats and move to safer ground. Boats were tied down and the Longboats were hauled higher into the boat shed. 

A shed used to store supplies on Supply Ship days took much of the brunt of the surf but suffered only minor damage. The newly repaired jetty and slipway rode the seas like a champ but the rock armoring on the outside of the jetty failed to stop the forces of nature from sweeping over the jetty and on into the boat shed.

The surf even managed to reach the bottom part of the  newly concreted Hill of Difficulty road. Some rocks as big as a meter or so were thrown like golf balls onto the jetty.  

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