As daylight dawned on Thursday 13th May the MV Polar Stream rounded the northeast point of Pitcairn, sailed past St. Paul's Stone and stopped about a mile of Bounty Bay.

The ship brought cargo loaded in two 20 foot and one 40 foot containers .Also aboard were seven who were returning for a visit or just visiting. The vessel was the second in a series of three supply ships planned for the first half of this year. The ship left Tauranga, New Zealand about a week before bound for the Panama Canal.

 Unloading supplies into the longboats began shortly after sunrise with the two longboats, O'Leary and Moss, each taking  turns under the boom of the ships crane.

The weather,  which plays a major role in deciding how well supplies are offloaded, proved to be in our favor  with the sea almost dead calm and hardly a breeze to be felt in the air.

Unloading went without a hitch and several boat trips were made between ship and shore.

Included with the supplies were building materials for the school house. 





"Moss" with supplies






Unloading the cargo  was completed in a little over six hours and the ship sailed  for Panama.

The remainder of the day was spent bringing supplies from the Landing to the village and the task was completed the following day.

The next supply ship is expected to leave New Zealand in June.







"O'Leary" loading supplies


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