Perfect Timing, Perfect Surfing, Perfect Landing!


Saturday 22 July .During rough seas the hearts of even the toughest men often sink when it comes time to take to the sea. But today during relative rough sea conditions  nothing could have worked out more perfect..

After delivering some visiting guests to the MV Bounty Bay for the return voyage to Mangareva,  longboat O'Leary returning home  and as usual waited for the right moment to surf into Bounty Bay. One wrong decision at this time could spell disaster.

Within a few moments Dennis throttled the engine forward as Jay skippered the 7 tonne longboat through the tempest into Bounty Bay. Just at the right moment a wave caught up with the longboat and sent it  surfing toward the jetty entrance at high speed. Then, almost as if brakes were built into the longboats hull the longboat slowed down and rounded the jetty perfectly.

Great skills guys!!!

O'Leary prepares to enter Bounty Bay (Photo by Terry Young)

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