Bounty Day




Monday 23rd January  Every year on this date the Islanders celebrate the burning of the Bounty. During the morning a replica of the Bounty was built using an old fishing boat and cardboard for sails. A longboat was launched and a fishing trip was made to catch fish for a fish-fry dinner. 

Later in the day folks gradually made their way down to the Landing and spent the afternoon swimming, sanding curios, relaxing,  cooking up the fish, and eating water melon until dinner time.

Like every public dinner on Pitcairn there was lots of food and stomachs were soon laden with food.

Later in the evening as the sun began sinking  low in the western sky the replica of the Bounty was hauled toward the east side of the Landing, about 40 meters from the original site where the Bounty was burnt, and set alight. Folks standing afar watched the event, some perhaps reflecting upon the real event  which took place 216 years ago when the original  Bounty was burnt.

Bounty Day cake and Watermelons for dinner

Burning the Bounty


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