Vula Young



Saturday 6th October  - by Meralda Warren as read at Vula's funeral

"This morning the 6th of October 2007, At approximately 8:50am, Vula Valma Young passed peacefully away. No more pain and suffering.

She was born on the 4th January 1928 to parents Maria & Wallace Warren. Being their second child. Her older brother, younger sister and younger Brother. 

She was married to Samuel Young on 23rd August 1946

The Children, Pauline, Elsie, Brian and Terry. They have 8 Grand children. Timothy have been here with his special grandma in her final days whilst the others are living abroad. Great grandchildren in NZ.

She loved to talk about her Children and her Grandchildren. She would proudly show her prized photo’s. 

Vula have served her Island well over the years and at one stage was a temp Nurse Aid in the small dispensary in the square.

She served her time being on the Island council. 

Island Council 1982 - Vula is sitting on the right in the front row.


Vula and Sammy have taken their family to NZ on several occasion and for different reasons over the years. Sadly on one of these trips, in 1981 Sam passed away and she made the trip back home with Terry to look after her aging father.

She had to be medi evacuated to Tahiti in 1984 with Terry for a life threatening appendix operation. 

In her younger and active days Vula loves to fish and her passion for fishing from Issacs is often one of her favourite story. Even the event when she topple of the rocks into the water at Issacs suffering a broken wrist and had to be rescued.

She loves to weave and make her handcrafts. Her hands are always busy doing something. Her beautiful rugs that she hooked, Her embroidery, Sanding Toge carvings and doing many chores with him. The wild beans she cooked for Brian and all the things she did.and this pass year, being with Pauline.  the will to weave again. Just yesterday she tried to print her basket but in frustration told Pauline she cant remember how it goes.

Great in the Kitchen she created many memorable dishes. Vula’s Donuts will always be remembered. The children, The Grandchildren will talk about Ma’s weckle for long time.

Sadly with her failing health, age and recent events, Her family had to muster from afar to look after her.

Vula is a fighter and she fought for her life many times.

She have fought hard for her boys and for her family. Totally dedicated.  

Another of Pitcairns great Sullun se gorn to rest. 

Our hearts go out to her family. 

May you rest in peace."


Used by permission - thanks Warde.

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