Pitcairn Map





If putting a name to a place on Pitcairn is what you're after then look no further. No other Pitcairn map has as many place names as this one! Find where the Bounty was burnt or "Where Minnie off", or "Oh Dear" are. How about Pool of Oo-ah-oo? Almost every place name on the Island is on this map. 

The map looks great framed, and hung on the wall. 

 Printed in Alaska by David Evans the map measures 21-3/4 inches (555mm) wide by 16 inches (405mm) high. The map is posted rolled in bamboo tube for protection. There is no charge for the tube and may be discarded. 


*Price: $15 including postage. (Up to 10 extra maps may be sent to the same address in the same package  for only $5 per map and no extra postage.)

*All prices are in US dollars

Send your orders or enquiries to: mike@onlinepitcairn.com