Walking Canes


If walking canes are what  you're after then you've come to the right spot. Our walking canes are made with the pride and care associated with the Pitcairn carving industry. 

The stem of the cane is made from either  the coconut or the miro wood .

The head is usually made from either miro or tau wood. There are three head patterns for you to choose from:

the whales head (see photo), the birds head, and the whole birds head.

The neck of the cane connects the head to the stem and is made from two kinds of wood - the orange tree and the tau wood. The white wood is the orange tree wood and the blackish color wood is the tau.

The length of the cane includes the head, the neck and the stem.. Usually a short cane measures about 28 inches, a medium cane about 30 inches and a long cane about 32 inches. Please note that extra short or extra long lengths can be ordered at no extra cost. Be sure to  specify what length you need by contacting me.

*Price: $35 including  postage and packing. 

Send your  enquiries or details of cane length to: mike@onlinepitcairn.com