Buying a Baby Bassinet

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys you can have in life. They are a blessing, and you also get to welcome a new member to the family. The love for babies will make you do what it takes to ensure they are happy and always close to you. New parents are advised to have their babies sleep close to them, that is in the same room so that they can monitor everything about them.

It does not necessarily mean sharing the same bed with your infant because of risks like accidents or suffocation. You can buy a baby bedside bassinet where you can monitor your baby throughout. This is a small type of bed meant for infants. It is comfortable, and they can use them for up to four months when they are a little bit grown.

One good thing about a baby bassinet is that it is usually smaller in size which makes it easy to move them to every place in your house. This makes it easy to monitor your newborn because he or she will always be around you. baby inside a bassinet

Bassinets are usually small in size compared to a cot or crib which makes it more comfortable for your infant. They are also affordable compared to a crib or bed. There are several things you should put into consideration when buying a baby bassinet. They include:

Safety Standards

You should consider the safety standards of the baby bassinet you want to purchase. There are several standards meant to ensure the bassinet is strong and durable. Mattresses should also be soft to promote the comfortable sleep of your infant. The surroundings should also be designed to give room for aeration to reduce the chances of suffocation. Checking all these standards will guarantee your newborn comfortable sleep.

Weight Limit

One should also put the weight limit of a particular baby bassinet into consideration. Go for one that matches the weight of your baby. Most of them are usually designed to accommodate 7 to 9 pounds. As your baby grows, they add some weight. Make sure you measure the weight of your baby before going to purchase one.


One benefit of a baby bassinet over other cots is its portability. You can carrybaby sleeping in a bassinet them around with ease. However, the portable nature of these bassinets may vary from one type to another. Make sure you look at the different portability features in the bassinet you want to purchase.