Garage door repairman and their services

Garage door repairman and their services

With most of us homeowners, we have ways to fix pretty much whatever we need to when it comes to our home. When something isn’t working the way we want, we will try to fix it in; some cases, we make it even worse than what it was before we touched it. This is the reason we have people like plumbers and electricians.

When the garage door won’t open, who do you call? There are other people that are called repairman that will have the experience to tackle anything that is in their field of trade.

Garage door

2Most of us have had a problem once in our life when it comes to a garage door. You will pull up to it and hit the remote button, and it will only come up half way, or after you pull the vehicle in it, it won’t close all the way. You can always just shut it yourself, but that defeats the whole purpose. Most people can just let things go like that, but for others, it will drive them up the wall.

What most of us will do is to call someone that will work on a garage door. In most cases, you will look them up, and you will see a bunch of ads for garage door repairs.

If you need your garage door fixed or replaced and you live in California, then you should let DoReMi Garage door help you out.


They will come out and have a look at what the problem is, then they will discuss what your best option will be for the door. If you want to buy a new one, they will show you the different styles of garage door. If you just want them to repair, they sometimes have the part on their truck right then and there. If they don’t have the part, they may have it back at the warehouse.

If they have to order it, there will be a little wait time until the part will come in, but they will try to make at least the door open and close until the parts or replacement arrives.



When you have a repairman come out to fix something like the garage door, they will not charge for the first visit. After that, they will charge by the hour. However, if you are just having them work on the door and are buying parts, you will be charged for the part and the labor. If you are purchasing a garage door from them, they will install it for free.